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Friday, April 15, 2011

Next Up: The Pilgrim's Progress

Title: The Pilgrim's Progress
Author: John Bunyan
Published: 1679

Bauer recommends the Penguin Classics paperback, 1987. Chris picked it up at a local bookstore, and it says that it is edited to include modern spelling and punctuation.

I've read this before, but several years ago. Since then I've read the picture book Dangerous Journey and the chapter book Little Pilgrim's Progress to Seth. I know there are numerous other adaptations of this book for children and young adults. I vaguely remember enjoying the original, but I am sure I rushed through several passages. Since Bauer recommends reading each book three times (which I am not doing) I'll go ahead and count this as my second reading, the "logic stage reading". I'm not following her reading directions very closely, but I am using a few tips here and there.

Since I've already read it and other versions of it, I know what to expect, so I won't write my first impressions here. I will say that I'm excited to read this one again.

Hopefully this one won't take a month for me to get through!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I remember reading this as a kid thinking...what in the world? makes more sense as an adult. Enjoy your next book!